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The best apps for your new Android phone or tablet

Android phones used to be for the hyper-nerds, who happily sacrificed simplicity for customization, ease of use for sheer horsepower. But now you don’t have to trade – whether you just got a Nexus 4, a Galaxy S III, a One X+, or something else entirely, you’re using a phone that does everything you want and does it in style. But what to do with it? First you’ll download Facebook and Instagram, and get your Google setup nailed. Then go get Angry Birds Star Wars and Temple Run, sure. But what about when you want to get stuff done? Or when you find out you hate the default Android keyboard and browser? Or you run out of pigs to kill? Here’s where to go next.




(April 20, 2010- Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images North America)

Earlier this year, I quit Facebook. The whole experience has been a mixed bag and I can’t say I’m completely over big blue. And yet, when I see things like this, I’m glad I got out while I still could. With news…


30 years ago today, Time Magazine named “The Computer” its person of the year:

In its story about the pick, the magazine quoted an ad that attempted to answer the question “Will someone please tell me what a personal computer can do?”

“A personal computer, it says, can send letters at the speed of light, diagnose a sick poodle, custom-tailor an insurance program in minutes, test recipes for beer.”

It was an ad for Apple Computer.

Check it out

Google finds its design voice on iOS--->


Great overview by Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web on just how far Google has come with regard to the design of their iOS apps.

Previously, a number of their apps were definitely amongst the worst popular apps on the platform. Now, I’d only count the ones that haven’t been updated to the new design aesthetic — namely Google Voice — in that camp. And the newest ones built from scratch, like Google Maps and YouTube Capture, are very well done.

But while the updated apps certainly look better, performance is still an issue. Gmail, in particular, sucks. There has been a bad bug resulting in the same email being sent twice. In general, the app is way too slow in every regard. Things are constantly refreshing. The only thing that makes it look good to some people is that the actual web app is so much worse.

Still, no doubt things are getting much better. Kudos to Google. I can’t wait for that Google Now iOS app (though perhaps it will be a part of an updated version of the regular old Google app?).


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